In 2019, the European BUILDs project started. Plant-e is part of the consortium that set up this project. The project is aimed at providing multidisciplinary education in the field of innovative, sustainable solutions for the built environment. There are three educational institutes that take care of the lion's share of the education program and from which students can enroll. These are the University of Lorraine (France) for the biology and biotechnology background, the Advanced Institute of Architecture (IAAC) in Barcelona (Spain) for the integration into the built environment and the University of Vienna (Austria) for the economic component.


The three educational institutions have provided students who have acquired knowledge of the other two institutions in a joint program. In addition, the students worked in mixed groups to develop a start-up that is working on a sustainable, biological solution for the built environment. Plant-e contributes to this program by coaching the groups, thinking along about the educational program and inspiring the students with Plant-e technology as an example. The project will be completed in 2021 after two successful years of education.