Plant-e is hiring! Will you join us?


Our start-up on its way to a scale-up is looking for new team members.

Plant-e, founded in 2013, generates electricity with living plants and is the only known company in the world that generates carbon-negative electricity. It doesn't get any more sustainable than this!

We are a deep-tech company with a growing focus on market applications. We will grow from 7 to about 20 people in the coming two years.

At Plant-e we are jointly responsible for the result, which means that we work hard in being a team.

We are looking for ambitious people with a green heart and a pragmatic focus. Do you want to contribute to making the world more sustainable? And do you want to work in a young, dynamic and fast-growing team? Apply for this opportunity or one of our other job offers!


For the vacancies and internship opportunities, visit the careers page.



Our mission is to provide the world with truly green electricity 

Plant-e's mission is to provide a high-tech, nature-based solution by generating electricity with living plants. By using this technology, we can power stand-alone electrical equipment - such as lighting and sensors - without connecting to the electricity grid and wherever plants and water are available. At the same time, we reduce methane emissions and store CO2 on. This makes us the only company in the world that CO2- produces negative power: clean, green and reliable.


We stop climate change!

The world needs not only renewable but also truly sustainable energy sources to power the world in the future without harming the planet. Per location you will have to investigate which sustainable sources are best suited there. This will often be a mix of different sources. Electricity from plants as we develop it is not only a very sustainable source, but also one that can be used almost everywhere. Wherever plants can grow and water is available, we can produce electricity to contribute to the sustainable energy mix we need.


High tech & durable

Our products are sustainable and not just because we produce renewable electricity. We use materials that are inert in our systems. This means that they do not dissolve or break down in the soil and nature, so in no way negatively affect it. In addition, the system has a lifespan of more than 50 years, so after installation nature no longer needs to be disturbed. In addition, our products are also high tech! Although you only see the plants and the lighting, we use complex technology around the roots to effectively harvest the power. With our products we can contribute to a beautiful light experience in the city park or along a cycling or walking path. In addition, we are developing the technology for applying sensors. With this we will soon be able to collect data all over the world using power from plants. In this way we can prevent the use of batteries. Batteries are not sustainable and the lithium needed for batteries is running out. Plant flow is a wonderful alternative.

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Our products

Plant-e supplies various nice and beautiful products. Not only good for the planet, but also educational!

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The technology

Plant-e generates electricity from live plants using a Plant Microbial Fuel Cell (P-MFC).

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Reference projects

Plant-e also provides large-scale solutions. From a few square meters to hundreds of meters, everything is possible. Our projects speak for themselves!