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Our mission is truly green electricity

Plant-e's mission is to provide a high-tech, nature-based solution by generating electricity with living plants. By using this technology, we can power independent electrical products - such as lighting and sensors - wherever plants and water are available. At the same time, we reduce methane emissions and store CO2 on. This makes us the only company that has CO2- produces negative power: clean, green and reliable.

Climate change

We stop climate change!

We are convinced that we are all capable of halting climate change by making smart use of sustainable technologies in places where they are best used. It is precisely by thinking from the perspective of the landscape that the right sustainable technology can be deployed. With underground Plant-e technology, the power generator does not pollute the landscape, but rather the technology works together with nature. We see a world in which a park or a swamp landscape is not only a (protected) nature reserve and where electricity is also generated in the meantime.


High tech & durable

Our products are sustainable and not just because we produce renewable electricity. We use materials that are inert in our systems. This means that they do not dissolve or break down in the soil and nature, so in no way negatively affect it. In addition, the system has a lifespan of more than 50 years, so after installation nature no longer needs to be disturbed. In addition, our products are also high tech! Although you only see the plants and the lighting, we use complex technology around the roots to effectively harvest the power. With our products we can contribute to a beautiful light experience in the city park or along a cycling or walking path. In addition, we are developing the technology for applying sensors. With this we will soon be able to collect data all over the world using power from plants. In this way we can prevent the use of batteries. Batteries are not sustainable and the lithium needed for batteries is running out. Plant flow is a wonderful alternative.

Why would you choose Plant-e?

Plant-e - why plant-e

Green power

What is more beautiful than generating power with living plants? Your environment generates electricity while you enjoy nature.

Plant-e environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious choice

Choosing Plant-e products is an environmentally conscious and sustainable choice!

Plant-e looks good

It looks good - AND it works well too!

It is almost unbelievable: generating electricity with living plants is really possible. We have already applied it successfully in many places. And those plants also look good! Became curious? Take a look at our reference projects.

Plant-e startup

You support a green, innovative company

The complex climate issue requires smart innovative solutions. We develop products that contribute to solving that issue: after all, we store CO2 and also produce electricity while conserving nature: win, win, win! Everyone who buys our products contributes to the development of the products and the technology.


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