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Our mission is pure green electricity

It is Plant-e's mission to provide a high-tech, nature-based solution by generating electricity with living plants. By using this technology, in addition to generating green electricity, we focus on reducing global methane emissions and treating waste water flows.

Climate change

We stop climate change!

We are convinced that we are all capable of halting climate change by making smart use of sustainable technologies in places where they are most suitable. By thinking from a different perspective for each landscape the right sustainable technology can be used. We see a world in which marshlands are not only protected natural areas but can also generate electricity in the meantime.


High Tech & sustainable

Not only are all our products very durable, they are also high tech and trendy. You are not only contributing to a better world, but your home is adorned with our products as well!

Why would you choose Plant-e?

Plant-e - why plant-e

Green power

What is more beautiful than generating power with living plants? Your environment generates electricity while you enjoy nature.

Plant-e environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious choice

Choosing Plant-e products is an environmentally conscious and sustainable choice!

Plant-e looks good

It looks good

It is not only sustainable, our products are also unique and look good!

Plant-e startup

You support a green, innovative company

In our view, young and innovative companies are the future. By purchasing our products, we can further develop and put even more green products on the market.


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