We generate energy for


Our power source is ideal for powering sensors. Sensors can be used in many ways to generate data; such as measuring the water needs of plants or automatically switching on lights when you pass by. By using a power source from Plant-e, batteries can be avoided when controlling these sensors.


Plants produce sufficient electricity to provide energy for indication or mood lighting. Take a look at our projects for inspiration. Or try it yourself at home, at school or at work with our do-it-yourself package!

our patented technology

Plant-e uses the natural processes that take place around the plant to generate electricity.



Our complete projects include multiple Plant-e systems that are integrated into various landscapes. This includes extensive installations in parks and outdoor areas, as well as stand-alone systems, such as in planters or tree containers.

Indonesia – Validation of wireless water board measurement

De Dommel Water Board –
Validation of groundwater measurements outside water boards.

Rotterdam – Atmospheric lighting in the Park of tomorrow.

Queen Máxima visiting Plant-e 

Plant-e receives prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC) grant

The first groundwater sensor that draws its power directly from nature


Watch Plant-e in the news here! For example the visit of Queen Máxima, the award of the prestigious EIC scholarship or the press release 'The first groundwater sensor that draws its power directly from nature.