Our technology

Plant-e uses the natural processes around the plant to generate electricity.


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Plant-e has two types of products available: lighting and sensors. The products are continuously improved and new possibilities are constantly being developed. At the moment we have the following products available:

Plant-e @ Home

A box with Plant-e tubes to generate your own plant power at home!

Plant-e @ Company

Bring Plant-e to the shop floor with this box of Planters!

Plant-e @ School

An education package suitable for secondary schools.

Light projects

Lighting projects for safety or fairytale effect.

Sensor IoT projects

Sensors for soil moisture, rain measurement, water level and other applications.



Our projects generally consist of several Plant-e systems in a landscape. These could be extensive installations in parks and outdoor areas, or free-standing systems in, for example, planters or tree containers.

Park of tomorrow, Rotterdam

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

The Dommel Water Board


We are looking for ambitious people who have a heart for sustainability and who want to do something pragmatic with it. Do you want to contribute to making this world greener?


There are currently no open vacancies.

Open applications are welcome. Do you enjoy working in a young, dynamic and growing team? Then please contact us .

No open vacancies 

Queen Máxima visiting Plant-e 

Plant-e receives prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC) grant

Plant-e at the World Economic Forum

Plant-e presents at TedX, 2014


Watch Plant-e in the news here! For example the visit of Queen Máxima, the award of the prestigious EIC scholarship of our presence at the World Economic Forum.


🌱 We are conducting a short survey to understand people's preferences regarding plant electricity and its potential applications.Whether you're a small-scale planter or interested in large-scale outdoor projects, we would be very happy to hear your opinion!Take our survey today and in less than 5 minutes […]
We are pleased to announce that Plant-e will be present at the National Climate Expo in Houten on April 19 and 20, 2023! The expo is a leading event in the Netherlands that brings together companies, organizations and individuals committed to sustainable solutions for […]
The Park of Tomorrow is featured in Gardens Illustrated Magazine. Click on the link to go to the Article. Plant-e in Gardens Illustrated Magazine


Can I buy a Plant-e system?

Yes, new products are added all the time so there is something for everyone. Check out our webshop to see if there is something for you.

Can I make my house more sustainable with power from Plant-e?

Unfortunately, that won't work. Plant-e power is more suitable for small applications such as small lights and sensors.

How sustainable is this electricity actually?

Because we use the waste products of the bacteria, we do not compete with the natural biological processes. Moreover, a plant stores CO2 during its growth, so we make CO2-negative electricity. It really doesn't get any more sustainable.