In addition to individual products, we also deliver total projects. These consist of a larger number of Plant-e systems that are applied in a natural landscape.

You can think of systems that we incorporate in parks or the countryside, but we also supply free-standing systems in, for example, planters or tree containers.

For example, we have installed interactive lighting in The Park of Tomorrow in Rotterdam (Netherlands) which has made the park socially safer. In Randers (Denmark) we have combined Plant-e lighting with a rainwater basin to improve water storage in the city and at the same time create a pleasant place for recreation. 

In the meantime, we have carried out a successful test with sensors at De Dommel Water Board to measure groundwater levels in summer and winter. And at the Floriade we showed the smart tree, which itself produces electricity for a soil moisture sensor. This way the tree can tell you when it needs water.

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View our reference projects below.

Bloom Park

Interactive information board in Slough, UK.

  • Slough, UK
  • Education
urban forest

Project with camera trap en phenology sensor.

  • Slough, UK
  • Light
Park of Tomorrow

Interactive lighting in Rotterdam.

  • Rotterdam, NL
  • Light
The roof garden

Interactive information board on plant flow, placed in the roof garden of NIOO-KNAW.

  • Wageningen, NL
  • Education
The wet nature garden

Interactive information board on plant stream, placed in the natural wet garden.

  • Wageningen, NL
  • Education
Food Park

Interactive lighting in The Hague.

  • The Hague, NL
  • Light

A long lasting one Outsidetest our system.

  • Budel, NL
  • Research
Smart Tree Planters

Moisture sensors for tree tubs, in collaboration with nursery Van den Berk.

  • Wageningen, NL
  • sensor IoT
Information sign

Interactive information board on plant stream, placed in the schoolyard.

  • Kerckebosch – Zeist, NL
  • Education