Our lighting products have been in development since 2014. A lot has changed since then. The lighting products have become more reliable and beautiful.

Mood lighting

Don't expect any floodlights or lampposts; the energy is suitable for mood lighting or light perception. For example, to make a neighborhood, park, terrace or cycle path more pleasant and to add just that little bit of safety and comfort to the dark, without disturbing nature.

Low maintenance

All our products require very little maintenance. The only thing that is strictly necessary is good water management. Our technology must always be water-saturated. Of course we can offer ready-made solutions and support for this. In addition, we offer a service contract to completely unburden you.


Are you interested in a light experience project? Have a look at our reference projects for samples and send an email to for a quote for your project. We are happy to see what we can do for you.

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Projects are discussed by us in close consultation with the client. This can be set up for different applications with our technology. Below you will find a number of example projects that we have realized.

We would be happy to talk to you about converting your sustainable wishes into a green energy project. For this, please contact us at and we will approach you for an initial informative meeting or to send you more information.

Park of Tomorrow

Imagine: you are walking through a park at night, with fairy-like lighting around you that reacts to your presence. This park has been a reality in Rotterdam since November 18.

Slough (UK)

At Bloom Park in Slough Borough Council, England, a Plant-e system powers an interactive information board.

Are also in a further collaboration camera fall en phenology sensors geïnstalleard.

Kerckebosch Zeist

Update: This project has now been completed. In the meantime, the schoolyard has been redesigned and the Plant-e system has been moved.

In 2016, the Kerckebosch Neighborhood Development Company had a 100m2 modular system installed for the schoolyard of the Christelijke College Zeist. Together with an intelligent solar panel, also known as a sunflower PV, and an energetic grass field (energy floor), electricity is generated here for a Wi-Fi point for the students of the school.