We develop sensors that get their power from living plants. As a result, we can avoid the use of batteries and offer a sustainable alternative, which is often used in combination with Internet-of-Things techniques.


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How do we apply this?

We make the Plant-e system suitable for groundwater, soil moisture and other environmental sensors. This can help to provide plants in urban areas with the sufficient amount of water better and more cheaply; we know when to water. But we can also use this in remote locations for monitoring local conditions such as groundwater levels.


The first IoT solutions – groundwater, soil moisture, phenology sensor – have been tested in successful pilots and are ready for the next step. See for more information about this the reference projects.


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Projects are discussed by us in close consultation with the client. This can be set up for different applications with our technology. Below you will find a number of example projects that we have realized.

We would be happy to talk to you about converting your sustainable wishes into a green energy project. For this, please contact us at and we will approach you for an initial informative meeting or to send you more information.

Smart Tree Planters

In 2021 we started developing smart tree planters. In collaboration with the well-known company Van den Berk nurseries throughout Europe, 6 large tree containers have been placed on the experimental outdoor area of ​​Plant-e.