Meet the Plant-e team
Plant-e-team - Marjolein Helder
Marjolein Helder / CEO

Enthusiastic, motivated, optimistic and ambitious. If it was necessary, Marjolein would assemble all the products herself. She is direct and stubborn, but listens to others and values opinions and input. It does not matter how big or small a success is, it is always celebrated with everyone.

Plant-e-team - Nanda Heshof
Nanda Heshof / President and CEO

Positive, social, energetic and responsible. Nanda knows how to give a positive spin to anything and takes care of the (social) balance in the team. She complements what others forget. If she promises to do something, it happens and she keeps an eye on others to do the same.

Plant-e-team - Daniel
Daniel Groen / R & D

Wise, quiet, analytical and modest. Daniel thinks carefully and comes up with well-considered ideas and solutions. As a nestor of the team, he patiently takes the time to explain to you (for the umpteenth time) something. His dry humor often comes unexpectedly and is not always understood.

Plant-e-team - Paulien van Straten
Paulien van Straten / Finance

Cheerful, creative, modest and organized. Paulien is the backbone of the team. She ensures that agreements are fulfilled and projects are completed. Without Paulien, all our office plants would have been killed and the Sprout 'n Spark would have never become what it is now.

Plant-e-team - Pim
Pim de Jager / R & D

Smart, practical, driven and curious. Pim can work on scientific research or to do a home-garden-kitchen job. 'Works hard, plays hard' and likes to make fun of his direct colleagues. His last sips of coffee always stay in his mug.

Sharon Polman / Office manager

Respectful, sensitive and communicative. Sharon feels the atmosphere in the team well and provides valuable insights about social interactions and work pressure. She is always willing to help but knows where her limits lie. Honesty is her strength.

Eva van Cleef / Commercial manager

With unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity on to the next job. Eva is the latest addition to this professional team that has been working on a high-tech, nature-based solution for a decade. She has a diverse background that is both theoretical and practical in nature. Eva can be reached at + 31-6-58 99 40 41 (please sales related questions only).

Han Swinkels / Manager ai

Calculated, decisive, result-oriented and optimistic. Han enjoys translating a strategy into concrete results for all employees. He listens to others and finds it a challenge to empower everyone. He believes that a personal win for all employees is the prelude to a healthy future for the company.