Meet the Plant-e team
Plant-e-team - Marjolein Helder
Marjolein Helder / CEO

Enthusiastic, motivated, optimistic and ambitious. If it was necessary, Marjolein would assemble all the products herself. She is direct and stubborn, but listens to others and values opinions and input. It does not matter how big or small a success is, it is always celebrated with everyone.

Plant-e-team - Nanda Heshof
Nanda Heshof / COO

Positive, social, energetic and responsible. Nanda knows how to give a positive spin to anything and takes care of the (social) balance in the team. She complements what others forget. If she promises to do something, it happens and she keeps an eye on others to do the same.

Plant-e-team - Daniel
Daniel Groen / R & D

Wise, quiet, analytical and modest. Daniel thinks carefully and comes up with well-considered ideas and solutions. As a nestor of the team, he patiently takes the time to explain to you (for the umpteenth time) something. His dry humor often comes unexpectedly and is not always understood.

Plant-e-team - Paulien van Straten
Paulien van Straten / Finance

Cheerful, creative, modest and organized. Paulien is the backbone of the team. She ensures that agreements are fulfilled and projects are completed. Without Paulien, all our office plants would have been killed and the Sprout 'n Spark would have never become what it is now.

Plant-e-team - Pim
Pim de Jager / R & D

Smart, practical, driven and curious. Pim can work on scientific research or to do a home-garden-kitchen job. 'Works hard, plays hard' and likes to make fun of his direct colleagues. His last sips of coffee always stay in his mug.

Plant-e-team - Tim Crolla
Tim Crolla / Project leader

Social, energetic and multi-functional. The laws of nature do not seem to apply to Tim: his energy output is much higher than his energy input. He brings projects to a good end with a good dose of humor and is very good for the atmosphere. Tim is described by his immediate colleagues as a perpetuum mobile.

Plant-e-team - Andrés Riestra Perna
Andrés Riestra Perna / R & D

Fanatic, structured and very helpful. Andy prefers to help you before you finish your sentence. He easily found his space in the team and contributes to the social atmosphere and good energy. Our (h)Andy(man) is a hard worker and a strong addition to the team.

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