Smart Tree Planters - Wageningen

In 2021, we will work on the issue of whether trees can also generate electricity for a year, and we are also looking at whether it is possible to use the electricity generated by the trees to supply sensors with power. Made SMART that way!


In collaboration with the Van den Berk tree nurseries, well-known throughout Europe, 6 large tree containers have been placed on the experimental outdoor area of ​​Plant-e. The tree tubs have two compartments. In the top compartment, the tree has plenty of room to grow its roots, and the water requirement can be regulated. The bottom compartment is saturated with water. The Plant-e system has been incorporated into this.

To make the tree SMART, a soil moisture sensor is connected to our technology. This soil moisture sensor provides feedback about the soil moisture in the top compartment, and can be used to get an indication when the trees need water. If these tree containers are placed in urban areas, this will reduce maintenance costs and promote smart irrigation.


Are you interested in purchasing this system after the trial has been completed? Contact Eve van Cleef.