References about Plant-e

Would not it be too crazy if you could put a charger in a plant? That is exactly what they do here! You will not get greener energy than this!

Willem Wever

We saw possibilities in Plant-eto add energy options. And possibly more in the future. We want to invest in Plant-e because we see the possibility here to apply and test a new form of sustainable energy.

Pieter Dijckmeester, project director of the Central Real Estate Agency

What is very positive about this new technique is that it does not bother anyone. The horizon is not polluted and there is no need to sacrifice precious nature or agricultural land. In fact, with this invention, these two elements are combined with each other

Rhine and IJssel water board

Plants that provide electricity that you can use to burn lamps. It sounds like something from the distant, distant future. But nothing, no Star Wars in South, you already know it.

Editorial office Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the first city in the world where this technology is applied in a park and we are of course very proud of that.

Rotterdam alderman Alderman

Who knows, in the near future electricity for street lighting, traffic lights and signaling will come from the greenery along the road.

Jonne Klaver, project manager for the province of South Holland

The water plants at a secondary school in Zeist supply power to the WiFi hotspot in the schoolyard. The students call them 'WiFi plants'.

The Economic Board

What is special about Plant-e is that it is a sustainable solution from nature that can be applied on a large scale and all over the world.

jury Sustainable Innovator Pitch 2013

Everything we can do by using different types of energy sources helps to transition to sustainable energy supply.

Jacqueline Cramer (director of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute)

This innovative sustainable company fits in perfectly in Wageningen.

Dennis Gudden, Alderman of Wageningen

Under the guidance of the enthusiastic and enterprising director Marjolein Helder, Plant-e has been able to commercialize their highly innovative and sustainable product in a short period of time. As 'Technology Pioneer of The World Economic Forum' Plant-e is now and in the future an ambassador of what Wageningen has to offer the world.

Business Event Wageningen, 2016

According to the jury, Plant-e is an example of how a company can make a social contribution in the long term despite its size, with its production process and innovative offer.

Jury Impact awards

The jury report praises Plant-e for its social vision, the provision of space for self-organization, initiatives from the bottom up and its social mission to supply underdeveloped areas with electricity.

Erasmus University jury OLV Henk Volberda

Marjolein and her team have a revolutionary new possibility in the world of sustainable energy: electricity from living plants.