Østervold Basin – Randers (DK)

In Randers, Denmark, the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. They experience an increase in the frequency and severity of the flooding, and in addition, the seawater is pushing up to the Fjord, with it also to the undyked interior. The city has chosen to replace the outdated rain drainage channels, thereby taking a major step towards making the city more sustainable and greener. The port will become the cultural center of the city and the center will be made greener. In addition, the drainage of rainwater will not only take place underground, but also above ground. Randers aims to become the most climate neutral city in Denmark by 2030.


The Østervold Basin is the first project that the municipality of Randers has set up to put words to action for the intended reforms. The lighting of the basin has been realized using Plant-e technology, in collaboration with Louise Holme Andersen of LA Architekter. Louise was in charge of designing the lighting in and the greenery around the basin. The fact that the project was a great success was underlined by the fact that it has already been awarded a prize. The Østervold Basin is winner of the Randers Architecture Prize 2021.


When designing the basin, new out-of-the-box ideas were encouraged. This was the perfect challenge for Plant-e to take our light experience to the next level. In Randers we installed the technology in the bank of the basin, below the water level. With the installed Plant-e systems, we supply power to 128 light points placed in the vegetation. Because individual light points are supplied with power in the nearby green square metre, much less use is made of cabling, in contrast to regular mood lighting in the outdoor area, which in turn does not have to be incorporated into the existing infrastructure. In this way there is less tax on the growing greenery and less use is made of raw materials. These are great benefits. Plant-e systems, in turn, are autonomous and produce CO2 negative electricity.


The basin has become a green oasis, with lighting varying in strength and frequency. In combination with the reflection of the light points on the often flat water surface, a relaxing spot is created on the waterfront where local residents and tourists can comfortably enjoy the view, with the possibility to enjoy delicious fried fish from the adjacent restaurant.


The light effect has a double function. On the one hand, this brings the concept of “current from living plants” to life before everyone's eyes. On the other hand, it also contributes to the feeling of security during the dark days. Previously it was unusual for people to take to the streets after sunset, but with the arrival of the Østervold basin this is now a place of gathering and relaxation in the darker half of the year.


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