Bloompark & ​​Urban Forest - Slough

Bloom Park 1.0

A modular system was installed in Bloom Park in Slough Borough Council, England in 2018. Due to the rainy climate in England, the groundwater level is high there, which makes the country an ideal place to apply Plant-e systems. This first project in Slough powers an interactive information board.


We almost always place an (interactive) information board with our projects. This is because electricity from living plants is so unique that you will not come across multiple examples in the vicinity. Wherever it is available, we would like to show how incredibly special it is to generate electricity from living plants. The fact that you can interact with the information board or system makes it real. You see directly, with your own eyes, the current generated by the plants.


After developing the system in Bloompark, the collaboration between Plant-e and Slough Borough Council has not stopped. We are now also jointly developing and applying camera traps and a phenology camera in Slough.