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Plant-e realizes projects at various locations, nationally and internationally. In the initial phase of the company, we realized projects with both modular systems and hose systems. After much research and improvement of the technology, we now only supply hose systems, because this is the most efficient system.


Modular systems consist of modules placed above ground in which Plant-e technology is incorporated. The plants in the modules provide electricity for lighting by means of LED lights.


Tubular systems are now in full use. After these systems proved more efficient than the modular systems, we put our development team to work to make the hose system widely available for projects. These systems can be installed both below and above ground and are used for two different applications. We can already power lighting with our hose system. This has been done on a large scale in the Park van Morgen in Rotterdam. In addition, we are also working hard to make our hose system compatible for data acquisition with IoT sensors.


The projects are further divided into lighting, education en IoT, for reference projects, click on the links!


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