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Home & Garden landscape

Sprout 'n Spark

Imagine that you can make your plants at home light up..

With educational value and private consumers in mind, Plant-e has developed the "Sprout 'n Spark". With this product you can get started with the technology yourself by putting your own plant batteries together. The Sprout 'n Spark contains material for three plant batteries, including a LED application specially developed for this product.

Children from 8 years old can already, with guidance, get started with the Sprout 'n Spark. Exploring science is not only fun, making your own plant electricity can be quite exciting!

The Sprout 'n Spark is also extremely suitable as cross-curriculum material for (secondary) schools. There are many biological and chemical processes involved in Plant-e's technology which are made very clear by putting together a plant battery. Course material can be obtained via Plant-e.

Did you know ? Plant-e can be found in the new edition of the study order book of 'Biologie voor jou' (coursebook for secondary school).

Living Light

There is a new way of 'getting in touch' with your plants! By your touch, LEDs light up the plant on electricity produced by the plant itself.

Designer Ermi van Oers developed the Living Light. A design product in which the interplay between plant, electricity and interaction with people is made visible. Integrated Plant-e technology ensures that a touch of the plant is reflected in the illumination of magical atmosphere LEDs.

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Urban & Office landscape

Imagine that the path that you walk through the city at night is lit by the plants on the sides of that path... or that your office can be a place for innovation and research while the indoor climate is also more pleasant due to the presence of plants.

Our modular system is suitable for different locations. The modules can be placed above ground in planters and integrated in parks in urban areas. Take a look at our completed projects and contact us if you are interested in a modular Plant-e system for your environment:

Nature & Constructed landscape

For large-scale application, where the technology is brought to nature, we develop a tubular system. These tubes consist entirely of the technology that makes it possible to make electricity with living plants. The flexible tubes are used underground in wetlands. In this way a wet green environment, either natural and constructed, can be used for electricity production. Research also shows that by applying our technology, the emission of methane gas is reduced in a natural way.

The tubular system is in full development and has already been tested at various locations in the Netherlands. Behind the scenes, in the lab, we are also continuously working on improvements and research to have the system mature as quickly as possible for market introduction.

Training, Education & Inspiration

In addition to research, products, development and maintenance, we also offer the opportunity to introduce yourself, your class or your company to Plant-e in a more practical way. For example, we give workshops focused on the knowledge and experience of the public. In addition, Marjolein Helder is available as a speaker for various events. Are you interested in a workshop or do you want Marjolein as a speaker at your event? Feel free to contact us via for the possibilities and a tailor-made offer.