Our development focus is currently on IoT solutions. IoT sensors and networks are increasingly used, which presents a number of major challenges. Most sensors and networks are powered by batteries, which are not exactly sustainable. In addition, there is not enough lithium available to continue producing all those batteries in the coming years. In addition, batteries must be replaced regularly. We are convinced that we can offer an attractive alternative through power from plants. Not only is our power source much more durable than a battery, once a Plant-e system has been installed, it also no longer needs to be replaced. Our power source works 24 hours a day and all year round. This allows us to collect and send data at any time via, for example, LoRaWAN or NB-IoT.


We are currently focusing on making our plant flow system suitable for groundwater, soil moisture and other environmental sensors. This can help to provide plants in urban areas with the sufficient amount of water better and more cheaply; we know when to water. But we can also use this in remote locations to monitor local conditions such as groundwater level.


The IoT solutions are still under development, but the first successful pilots have already been carried out. For more information, see the reference projects. Are you interested in applying Plant-e systems in combination with IoT solutions? Together with our partners we can develop a total solution that meets the needs. For more information, send an email to