Zeist-Kerckebosch Educational table


In 2015, Plant-e realized a first project in the Kerckebosch district in Zeist. At the time, we placed a large table with Plant-e technology in the schoolyard of the neighbourhood. The electricity generated by the plants on the table, together with other sustainable and innovative energy sources, provided the WiFi hotspot. With the renovation of the community center including schoolyard, Plant-e was asked to realize another project. We have accepted this challenge, and this time we have realized an interactive variant of the table!


In the first half of 2020, we worked hard on the design of the new table that was to be installed. The location was important here, and that the project also has educational value. The location of the table has therefore been chosen in the vicinity of the school, so that both local residents and students pass the table on their way to school. In this way, the table is accessible to many people. The table was placed in the summer of 2020 and an information board has been added to increase the educational value of the table. This allows you to learn at the table about the technology hidden under the plants.


The information board tells the story of Plant-e technology and also has an interactive function to bring the concept of plant flow to life before your eyes! There are buttons on the information board that can be pressed. Doing this powers LED lights on the board and you literally see the board light up with plant power. A little less live, but still with your own eyes, the plant flow generated by the technology in the table can be seen here: [link].


We regularly install systems with information boards, with and about plant flow. We can do this on a small scale, but also on a large scale, both indoors and outdoors. Are you also interested in this educational form of plant flow? Please contact Eva van Cleef for more information and prices: sales@plant-e.com