Why would you choose Plant-e?

Our products are continuously developing to make them even more beautiful, robust and durable. We are happy to implement this development together with our customers. We are busy standardizing our products so that they can be ordered ready-made on the website, but experience has shown that most of our customers still want adjustments that are aimed at the implementation of a specific situation or a specific project. . We are happy to work with you to find a suitable solution for your project. Our products can be divided into 3 different groups: IoT and sensors, lighting and education. Are you interested in one of these applications? For more information, look at that specific product group or view our reference projects. Enthusiastic? Contact us on with Eva van Cleef.

Plant-e - why plant-e

Green power

What is more beautiful than generating power with living plants? Your environment generates electricity while you enjoy nature.

Plant-e environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious choice

Choosing Plant-e products is an environmentally conscious and sustainable choice!

Plant-e looks good

It looks good - AND it works well too!

It is almost unbelievable: generating electricity with living plants is really possible. We have already applied it successfully in many places. And those plants also look good! Became curious? Take a look at our reference projects.

Plant-e startup

You support a green, innovative company

The complex climate issue requires smart innovative solutions. We develop products that contribute to solving that issue: after all, we store CO2 and also produce electricity while conserving nature: win, win, win! Everyone who buys our products contributes to the development of the products and the technology.