Plant-e | Living plants generating electricity

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Plant-e World

Plant-e technology makes it possible to produce electricity with living plants. The first product of Plant-e is the Plant-e World. Our planet rotates on electricity generated by the plant. This gadget is the first step towards visible and touchable green, clean, sustainable electricity for everyone. A decorative pot plant will provide enough electricity that can be used to put a globe our planet in motion. The Plant-e World is the first product in the world that runs entirely on electricity that is generated by living plants.

Product information:
Globe diameter: 10 cm (3.9 inch)
Gadget height: 15 cm (5.9 inch)
Gadget weight: max. 500 grams
Plant+pot size: 60-70 cm (23.6-27.6 inch)
Plant weight: max. 7 kg (15 lbs)
Packaging: single box with plant and gadget
Box measures: 25*25*65CM (9.8*9.8*25.6 inch)

Conditions and additional information:
- The Plant-e World will be delivered to you in March 2014 at latest. As soon as we know more about the cooperation needed for production we will be sure to inform you, since this will shorten the delivery time
- The Plant-e World can (currently) only be ordered in The Netherlands
- The paid amount is an investment of the client in Plant-e, meant for the production of the Plant-e World;
- The plant that is delivered is a Bromeliad, Banana plant or similar plant;
- The eventual design of the globe that is delivered together with the plant can differ from the product on the picture.