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Plant-e Launches crowdfund: SmartCrops! -

Plant-e Launches crowdfund: SmartCrops!

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017

Plant-e Launches crowdfund: SmartCrops!


With SmartCrops, you’ll be able to listen to your plants!

“Wow! Your plants look great! How do you do that?”
“Well, I listen to them. If they need more water, light or warmth, they tell me so!”

It might sound crazy but soon it could be possible that plants ‘tell’ you how they feel or what they need. SmartCrops, an initiative by Plant-e and Pycno, are plants which indicate how they ‘feel’ via sensors. These sensors are powered by plant generated electricity. In both conventional- and urban agriculture, this information could improve the efficiency in terms of water and fertilizers usage.

Through the EU innovation project Katana, Plant-e and Pycno got the opportunity to develop this system together. Plant-e has developed a technique which enables generation of  electricity by living plants through a natural process. With that electricity, sensors can be powered. These sensors are in contact with the immediate environment of the plant. The collected dat

a is sent over the internet to your mobile phone. Via your smartphone you can check if your plants are happy and healthy!

However, research and development is still needed. Therefore, Plant-e and Pycno started a crowdfund campaign. The campaign can be found at

More information about Plant-e and the Crowdfund campaign:

Tim Crolla: 06-57346200



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