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Plant-e crowdfund: Smartcrops with a touch of magic


Plant-e crowdfund campaign: SmartCrops with a touch of magic

Welcome to our Plant-e crowdfund campaign page! The goal of this crowdfund is to develop SmartCrops: a CO2 negative, intelligent crop-system. Via the button on the bottom of this page you can go to the crowdfund platform directly.

The goal of the Plant-e crowdfund campaign

We want to create an intelligent, reusable sensor system that is non-invasive, and allows for a healthy continuous crop production with zero waste and carbon negative energy production. For this system we need adaptation of both Pycno sensors and Plant-e technology to make them compatible. Pycno delivers the sensors, Plant-e produces the power.

What will we do?

By combining Pycno sensors and Plant-e electricity plants give us feedback about their status and the status of their environment. With this insight we can get to know how the soil is doing, what the temperature is, and how high the water level is. The combination of the two innovative technologies makes it possible to use the electricity produced by plants to power sensors. In their turn, the sensors send data and instructions to your phone, so you know what you can do to keep your crop healthy. With this information, the use of water and fertilizers can be optimized, reducing waste and optimizing crop quality. Every crop in conventional and urban agriculture could become a SmartCrop!

Contribute to the Plant-e crowdfund?

Would you like to get a signed PhD book from our CEO Marjolein Helder? Or maybe you’d rather do science yourself with our Sprout ‘n Spark!

Get your hands dirty during a workshop at our office! Or would you rather listen to one of our experts during an on-site presentation?

Go to the crowdfund platform via the button below, choose the reward that gives you energy, and help us reach our goal!

More information about Plant-e technology is found under the technology tab.


Check out the crowdfund campaign page

Help us reach our goal! When we reach our goal we can already start experimenting with a plant powered sensor.

Spread the word, so plants can too!!